A Profile in Miscalculation

Oklahoma First District Representative Jim Bridenstine, who once stood by like a blob of Play-Doh while a constituent talked of executing President Obama, had a really bad week. A proud member of the Freedom Caucus, but one who also wants the NASA gig, Bridenstine came out for AHCA earlier this week, thinking, no doubt, he’d curry favor with Trump and because someone somewhere might still get a free condom from a large fishbowl at Planned Parenthood under the Affordable Care Act.

Most important to me, this bill prohibits funds from going to the nation’s largest abortion provider, Planned Parenthood, and redirects federal funding to Community Health Centers.

Most important? Really? There was more.

In my judgment though, this is the opening legislative salvo of the Trump Presidency, and we cannot let it fail when we do not have a shot at a better option.

Oops. So AHCA lost spectacularly and the president to whom Bridenstine was transparently sucking up for a better job has been thoroughly discredited as both a negotiator and a leader. Bridenstine played this one like Fredo Corleone.

“But there was something in it for me.”

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