For the love of Zyklon B, Alan, Shut Up

What happened here is the guy screwed up,” Mr. Dershowitz said, according to a clip published by Real Clear Politics. “He apologized, and he apologized from his heart, and I am prepared to give him a pass on this.”

An apology … from the heart? Who are you, Paulo Coelho?

Let’s review:

“You had someone as despicable as Hitler, who didn’t even sink to using chemical weapons,” Spicer observed.

Further, he explained that Hitler brought the carnage, yes, but only to the “Holocaust center.”You remember the Holocaust center, don’t you, Alan? It’s where European Jews came for the initial Meet and Greet. Most got transportation, too.

And that to you is an Oops moment?

Mr. Dershowitz went on to say that the Anne Frank Center, which claimed Tuesday that Mr. Spicer “engaged in Holocaust denial” and called for him to be fired, is nothing but a “minor institution” that “has no credibility within the Jewish community.

Speaking of credibility, loved your work on behalf of OJ and von Bülow.

​(Speaking of which, the best thing that ever happened to you was the late, great Ron Silver.)

What the hell happened to you, anyway, that you’re now a shill for an anti-Semitic administration, generally, and Trump’s mouthpiece, specifically? How badly do you need these putzes to like you?

You’re a shanda fur die goyim. Worse, you’re turning into Ben Stein.

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