Letters from Iceland

Getting There (Tuesday, May 9)

We’re told to bring towels.

You can rent towels and thick cotton robes at Blue Lagoon. They are also included in our different entrance types.

If you have bought a package deal from a bus company you can still upgrade to the Experience spa package once you arrive at Blue Lagoon.

For those who are travelling light it’s worth mentioning that silica mud mask is available for free in buckets around the lagoon and that Blue Lagoon shower gel and Blue Lagoon hair conditioner is complimentary in the showers.

That’s from the Blue Lagoon website where it’s worth mentioning that silica mud masks are available for free?

Would have been my first question. Sure, great country, vibrant, at peace, there’s Bjork and the most underrated singer in the universe, Tina Dico, who now lives there, and you jailed your bankers while we made ours cabinet secretaries, so don’t be modest: you give the silica mud masks away for free, don’t you?

We’re going to Iceland, Melissa and I, because we’ve always joked about it and because she turned 40, back in December, and I thought this would be a better gift than a pair of boots and, yeah, we thought throwing their version of Jamie Dimon in the hoosegow was pretty cool. We don’t like sightseeing, however, don’t do well in the cold, and she hates fish and refuses to eat hotdogs made of sheep; so, I don’t really know how this is going to go, but I’ll keep you posted.

Melissa, once called me from our new Nissan Leaf, and said “I’m an anxious girl in an electric car”; so, imagine the shape of her nerves as we go from Tulsa to Atlanta to JFK before arriving in Keflavik International Airport Wednesday at 6 am in flannel. Any lithium salesman, by chance, making the trip, we’re flying Delta. Coach.

We’ll be the ones with the towels.

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