No good deed goes unpunished

President Trump blows an easy one.

Mexico, like a battered spouse in recovery, is spending some much needed time away from its abuser.

In a statement, the country offered food, generators and medical aid “as good neighbors should always do in trying times.” After Hurricane Katrina in 2005, the country sent a convoy of soldiers, food and medical workers, along with water-treatment facilities and a kitchen to feed 7,000 people a day.

Did any Trump Administration official thank you for your efforts with Hurricane Harvey relief?


But now, Mexico says that it is withdrawing its offer of aid. It needs those resources, the government says, to clean up after its own hurricane and a massive earthquake. In a statement, Mexico’s Foreign Ministry said that all aid will now be directed to families and communities suffering from the pair of natural disasters. At least 95 people were killed in last week’s 8.1-magnitude earthquake off Mexico’s Pacific Coast, and thousands of homes were destroyed. And Hurricane Katia made landfall Friday north of Tecolutla on Mexico’s Gulf Coast.

But still, someone from the administration told you how much we appreciated what you did for us before you tended to your own disaster, right?


In fact, Mexico’s offer of Harvey aid came hours after Trump attacked the country on Twitter, calling it “one of the highest crime nations in the world” and claiming, once again, that Mexico will pay for a border wall. He also threatened to “terminate” NAFTA.

For the love of giving it a rest, really, he tried to shoehorn your entire country into a Paul Rodriguez bit and you still offered us help?

Bien en ti

Surely, though, he then offered financial assistance to you, not as a quid pro quo, but because that’s what neighbors do; that’s what human beings do, right?

Kind words? Something?



Trump did not offer condolences to Mexico after either disaster, as is common when tragedies befall U.S. allies, even as multiple American mayors and governors offered their sympathies and help. Nor did Trump offer U.S. aid to Mexico. Trump’s silence as the earthquake death toll climbed was widely seen here as another sign of Trump’s cool attitude toward Mexico.

That’s not a cool attitude towards you; that’s pissing on your side of the Rio Grande.

“They’re rapists. And some, I assume, are good people.”

It’s way too late, but sorry.

And thanks.

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